Paris is burning

If you woke up this morning in a cold sweat, panicking about how the world hasn't heard much from Paris Hilton recently and wondering if she's somehow managed to trip on her stiletto and fall into the bottomless pit of her own ego, do not fear. She hasn't. In fact, by the sounds of things she has been beavering away on a new TV series and carefully planning an incredible new look.

Paris was photographed recently for V Magazine looking almost unrecognisable as a fashion-forward, rock-meets-goth-meets-cyber-glamour 60s pin up punk. Or something. Gone are the pink jeans and rhinestone crop tops, and in their place is a feast of black leather, bondage-style corsets and studs. And there's not a chihuahua in sight.

According to Grazia, Paris is preparing a return to our screens later this year with a brand new show called The World According to Paris. She says: ‘I love it because it’s showing more of the real me, as a business woman. I wanted to show what it’s like to be in my world.'. She also explains 'I get to use my real voice'...which we're hoping means that airy vacant drawl was all an act and Paris actually has a Pat Butcher 40 fags a day-style bark. How exciting would that be?

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