Pan's people

Over at fashion junkie, we are absolute suckers for anything that style maven Alexa Chung wears, be it flat loafers, cigarette pants, and now (drum roll)...peter pan collars. The look gives a nod to the demure sixties vibe that Chung has made her own. And the good news is, the high street have cottoned on fast, and peter pan collars have been added to everything from dresses to blouses.

The Daily Mail advises, 'If you don’t want to look too little-girly, look for blouses with a rounded collar and team with jeans. If you’re adding a collar to an existing top and want to keep it subtle, pick a different fabric — sheers work well — in the same shade. For a more fashion-forward style, look for items with contrasting shades. Monochrome is striking, or leopard print if you dare.'

So what are you waiting for ladies? We don't think it's a look that will be panned (groan)...

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