Painless Places to Get a Tattoo

Thinking about getting a tattoo but don’t know if you can handle the pain? Don’t worry, there are different tips to help you pick the right area. Here are a few very general painless places to get a tattoo. Remember though, it varies vastly depending on the individuals pain tolerance.

General Rules

There is no such thing as a painless tattoo. All tattoos will hurt to some extent, some just more than others. Here are some general rules of thumb when debating about where to get the tattoo.

The most painless places to get a tattoo are areas where there is more fat and less bone or veins. Any place that is ticklish is most likely going to be more painful. Avoid places like the ribs, pelvic, breast plate and hip bone. Areas around the neck and hands can be painful as well.

One of the more common and less painful areas is the upper arms. This is especially true if there is a good amount of muscle as this will absorb the pain from the needle. It is also popular due to the easy ability to show it off or hide it at your own discretion. The inner arms are also common but remember that these places will stretch and become bigger over time.The buttocks and outer thighs are also a pretty painless area.

Another hint in reducing pain is to limit the number of colours used. The more colours you want, the more needles will be used. Go for an outline and stick with one colour. You can always go back and fill it in if you are up for it.


Another important point that will make your tattoo experience more or less painful is the artist you go to. Ask around and get recommendations from friends as some are tattoo artists tend to be more heavy handed than others. Good luck deciding on the next painless places to get a tattoo.

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