Paco Rabanne Pour Homme Aftershave Splash review

The Paco Rabanne Aftershave Splash makes a great addition to any man’s vanity dresser. It is a timeless classic from the respected perfume maker consisting of musky notes of bergamot, lavender, thyme and tarragon. Find out what users are saying about this refreshing aftershave to see if you can try it the next time you're looking for an alternative beauty product.

The reviews

The Paco Rabanne Pour Homme Aftershave Splash was first introduced to the public in 1973. Lavender and thyme are the top notes of this aftershave while geranium and cloves make up the heart notes. The base note is a distinct mixture of tobacco and oak moss making it one of the eternal favourites of men and even women.

  • Packaging

The aftershave is a presented in a light green 75-ml bottle. As the name suggests, this is a splash on aftershave.

  • Scent

The exhilarating combination of spices and flowers makes this aftershave an instant hit amongst men who find the scent refreshing and fantastic. It is also considered as a clean, classy and fresh scent. It does not have an overpowering nor objectionable smell making it a favourite amongst users and those who smell it around them.

  • Gentle on the skin

Many love the way it blends well on the skin. There is no reported irritation and in fact, this aftershave soothes and calms the skin.

  • Long-lasting scent

This aftershave has a long lasting effect. A few splashes on the face and around the neck and you’re all set smelling nice for a good solid 6 hours. Its uncomplicated scent makes it a great aftershave for daily use.

  • Price

When it comes to the price, the Paco Rabanne Pour Homme Aftershave Splash is very reasonably-priced at £12,60 making it a great value product for everyday use.

Where to buy

The Paco Rabanne Aftershave Splash can be bought at major drugstores, department stores and chemists. For ease of shopping, you can get the aftershave at Amazon Marketplace, Boots, Fragrance Direct, Debenhams, and Ebay. Those who appreciate a good old-fashioned aftershave will enjoy this product for it is reasonably priced and best of all, has a great smell in addition to being gentle on the skin.

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