Beauty SOS: Overplucked eyebrows

Went a little overboard with the tweezers? Overplucking is easy to do, but unfortunately it can take months for your brows to grow back. There are, however, a number of things you can do to improve their appearance. Here are some top tips to help you deal with overplucked eyebrows.

1. Stop right there

When you've realised that you've overplucked your eyebrows, your first instinct might be to panic and try to rectify it by plucking more. Lots of ladies make the situation worse by trying to "even out" overplucked brows. Put the tweezers down and step back.

2. Relax

The reason why we need to pluck our brows regularly is because they grow back. Your mistake will fix itself in time, so try not to panic. Give yourself a couple of hours (preferably overnight) before you go back to the mirror for another look.

3. Further work?

If you've overplucked one of your brows significantly, you'll probably need to pluck the other one to match. Two overplucked eyebrows look better than mismatched eyebrows. If you're not totally confident, it's a good idea to book an appointment in a salon to let a professional deal with it.

4. Reshaping?

Nobody's brows are identical, and you could disguise overplucking by trying out a new brow shape. Have a flick through magazines and beauty websites for a brow shape that could incorporate your (accidental) skinny brow look.

5. Leave gaps alone

If you've just removed a small patch from one eyebrow, don't try to match it with the other brow. It can be easily covered.

6. Cover up

It's easy to cover gaps in overplucked eyebrows with the right tools. An eyebrow pencil is perfect for shaping the edges of your brows and covering up larger gaps, while a powder will give a natural finish and cover up any smaller gaps and patches on your brows.

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