Our pick of the best luxury Christmas crackers

Stuck for inspiration on where to get some great Christmas crackers? We are currently on the hunt for the most expensive cracker on the market but have yet to discover what it is. In the meantime, if you're looking to bling up your table a little with something more than a plastic ring and a joke that only Gran finds amusing, here's where to go:

Purveyor of all that is excess at Christmas, with a Christmas department that opens in August, the top of their regular cracker range are the Golden Wonder Crackers at £159.00 containing silver sterling gifts. Of course you could always opt for a special single cracker also on offer, which costs £1000.

Traditionally vying for the luxury shopper's attentions at Christmas, Selfridges has also upped the game and is offering a cracker pack for £1000. At least you get more than one?

Harvey Nichols
The third in the holy trio of upper class department shopping. Harvey Nicks has teamed a selection of their top crackers with a hamper to die for at £1500.

Also in the running is Asprey, whose £1500 pack of 12 crackers includes some signature jewellery.

The jury is still out on the UK's single most expensive cracker.

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