Save on a brand new Orla Kiely Stem Classics bag

If you're looking to add some designer flair to your accessories, then we recommend you get yourself over to www.orlakiely.com to browse the latest special offers available from the Irish designer Orla Kiely.

Since she exploded onto the scene back in the late 90s, she has gone on to become one of the most respected names in the UK fashion scene thanks to her exquisite bags and clothing designs.

Specialising in print based designs, to the extent that she was labelled the Queen of Prints by The Guardian earlier this year, Kiely's work is as distinctive as it is beautiful, and unlike many big designers she has ensured that many of her pieces remain affordable so that regular people can enjoy her work without needing to take out a second mortgage in order to afford it.

Despite the fact that her products are available from countless big boutique retailers throughout the United Kingdom, she regularly offers a range of special deals exclusively from her website in order to give her fans the best possible chance of buying her work.

The current offer is one that will appeal to anyone in search of a new Orla Kiely Stem Classics bag, as she takes six beautiful designs and offers them exclusively to users of her website in limited numbers at a reduced cost.

The prices start at just £50 for her Multi Cross Hatch Mini Sling bag, with the Multi Stem Mini Sling bag coming in at £60. There are huge savings available for anyone interested in her Multi Scribble Stem Print Large Tote (£73, down from £146) and her Small Stem Print Irish Bag (£179.40, down from £276), while her Small Stem Larger Tote is available for just £120 in very limited numbers, as well as the Giant Stem Large Tote for the same price.

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