Stock up this summer with the Orla Kiely purse sale

Irish designer Orla Kiely has been noted as one of the real rising stars in the British fashion industry in the past decade or so, she offers unique designs that can not be found anywhere else, or from any other designer.

Since moving away from working for both Marks & Spencer and Habitat in the early 1990s, Kiely set up her own company alongside husband Dermott Rowan in order to give her an outlet for all her creations under one singular label.

The company was a resounding success, and Kiely's name has now become synonymous with the highest quality accessories and bags, a feat made all the more impressive by her dedication to staying true to her roots and ensuring that as many of her bags as possible fall within price ranges that would be affordable to regular customers, rather than just the super rich or world famous.

It is this attitude that has really endeared her and her designs to the people, with you as likely to find her work at the latest BAFTA awards bash as your favourite Italian restaurant on a Saturday night.

In order to ensure that prices stay manageable, Keily's official website www.orlakeily.com regularly offers discounts for shoppers, often with a particular line or collection available for reduced prices for a limited time.

In the current Orla Kiely purse sale, you can pick up some absolutely stunning deals, including the 100% leather Mainline Slouchy Punched Leather Elsie Bag for just £286.00, a huge saving on what you can expect to pay from boutique retailers for this gorgeous bag. Log on to her site today to check out some of the other amazing deals on offer.

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