Get the best prices on Orla Kiely midi bags

Despite originally being from Dublin in Ireland, Orla Kiely has quickly made a name for herself in the British fashion industry thanks to her stunning handbags, available at reasonable prices in comparison to many other designers' offerings.

Starting out designing hats, Kiely soon found that bags were where her real talents lay. Using laminated fabrics at a time when nobody else had even considered them for use in handbags, Kiely quickly made a niche for herself in the late 90's following stints working for Habitat and Marks & Spencer.

Setting up her own company alongside her husband, Dermott Rowan, she started to focus explicitly on handbag design - a move which quickly paid off and now sees her designs sported by some of the most famous people in the world, including actress Kirsten Dunst of Spiderman fame.

Said to be the Queen of Prints by The Guardian newspaper, she has firmly established herself as a master of all things print related, whether that be handbags, accessories or even cars (she has been drafted by Citroen in order to help design the interior of their limited edition DS3 vehicle).

As can often be the case when it comes to buying fashionable accessories, the cheapest solution for buying Orla Kiely midi bags is to go direct to the source, in this case her official website at www.orlakiely.com, which offers some of the best prices you are likely to find for her work online.

An example of just how competitive the prices on the official site are include her Stem Maze Midi Sling Bag, made of her trademark laminated fabric with brown scribble print cotton lining adding a little flair to the interior, which can be yours for just £138, quite a saving on high street prices.

For more bargains, keep your eye on www.orlakiely.com, or if you're looking to purchase from an older season's range, check out www.gottohaveit.co.uk who have an impressive range of Kiely's work from the past few years.

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