Why you should try organic skincare (natural cosmetics)

As some people nowadays are questioning the wisdom of using synthetically produced chemicals in skincare products, even more are turning to organic skincare products and natural cosmetics.

Once the realm of the "hippy crowd", today products for organic skincare (natural cosmetics) are so mainstream you can find them just about anywhere. There are also many reasons why you should.

Your Skin Absorbs What You Put On It - Whatever type of skin products you use, 60 percent of their ingredients are absorbed into your skin and, from there, into blood vessels that circulate blood around your body. While the amount of chemicals in your normal skin care products may be low, if you use them often, the chemicals can build up in your body causing allergies and skin problems.

Organic products, on the other hand, are completely natural with only things like fruit and herbal extracts being absorbed into your skin.

Acne - Does it seem like no matter what you do your acne breakouts get worse, and spots appear at the most annoying moments? Some studies show some of those spots could be as a result of you being allergic to chemicals and toxins in the skincare products you use. So while you think you're doing your skin good with all those beauty products, you could be making it worse.

Using organic skincare products tend to give your skin less reasons to break out not more.

Allergies - Have you ever used a mascara, eye make-up remover, or moisturiser and had your eyes itch and swell or your face break out in a rash? That's usually because you're allergic to one of the chemicals in non-organic products.

Next time that happens try eye make-up remover made from sunflower seed oil or a moisturiser that includes ingredients like avocado and coconut oil.

Do You Care About the Environment? - While organic skincare products and natural cosmetics are made from ingredients that aren't grown using pesticides and chemicals, your normal beauty products are. Not only do those toxins and pesticides end up on your skin in the skincare products you use, they are also harming the environment and destroying the nutrients of the soil.

Where to Buy - You can find organic skincare products and natural cosmetics in many high street shops, but why not start on the Internet where you can study the ingredients each product has from the comfort of your own home? Do a search for "organic skincare (natural cosmetics)" and you'll find at least 50 big UK sites that sell them and literally thousands of organic, natural products that your skin will just love.

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