Organic nail varnish - best buys

Many of us women love to paint our toenails and finger nails beautiful, vibrant colours, ranging from subtle shimmers to glossy creams and all other colours and shades in between. Nail varnish makes us shine and allows us to keep up with the latest fashion trends. But, do you know that nail varnish is one of the most toxic and chemical-laden cosmetic product in the market?

Most nail varnish products contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate, which are toxic ingredients that can cause serious health problems when inhaled. Among the health problems associated with these toxins are severe headaches, skin irritations, dizziness, sore throat, fatigue and even respiratory difficulties.

A way to mind your health and still polish your nails to your heart’s desire is to use organic nail varnish.

Organic nail varnish

Organic nail varnish, also known as natural nail polish, is made from water-based formula that eliminates all potentially harmful ingredients and unpleasant smells in nail vanish. This makes organic nail polish safe for use even by children and pregnant women. Nail polish manufacturers have come under pressure to eliminate or reduce toxic ingredients in nail polish, which makes organic nail varnish the best buys.

Bottom line

Organic nail vanish - best buys - nourish, condition and hydrate your nails rather than strip them of their natural oils like solvent-based nail varnish do. These natural polish lock moisture in and prevent occurrence of brittle and dry nails that are prone to splitting, chipping and breaking. Now you can manicure your nails and achieve results that rival those of the most expensive solvent-based nail polish without exposing yourself to strong, harmful solvents with natural nail polish.

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