Orange Lipstick Tips and Advice

Orange lipstick, despite being on the make-up market for quite some time, recently became popular when Jessica Alba walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes with luciousorangelips - and pulled the look off quite brilliantly. Now, woman across the world are keen to replicate the look. To make sure you don't look like an orange monster by the end of your experiment, follow out orange lipstick tips below.

Could it really look that bad?

The past few decades have seen a particularly bright and loud increase on orange colours for woman. Fake tan, in particular, has helped contribute to orange-phobia. Until recently, orange tones have often been associated with something incredibly avant garde if it was pulled off well, or someone who can't handle their fake tan and incidently becomes a drunken clown.

In 2013, fashion trends have listed this year's spring and summer colour as orange. If you really want to try out the look and keep up with the fashion world, you'll need to be careful about the type of make up you use, consider your tone carefully and ensure you follow these orange lipstick tips.


When you choose that orange lipstick shade, carefully consider your skin tone and hair colour. True orange shades look better on blondes and woman with darker, caramel coloured skin, whereas deeper oranges (such as coral red) suit most skin tones.

Matte Lipstick

With bright colours and bold shades, fading and feathering are much more noticeable. Avoid using glossy lipstick and try to stick to a matte product, which is more likely to stay put on your lips for longer.

Easing In

Although Jessica Alba pulled off the bright orange look immediately, there's no reason for you to do the same, where you could end up scaring yourself off orange lipstick altogether (and your friends). Start out with light variations of the colour and move the tone up a notch every so often, until you're comfortable with a bold-statement orange lipstick. This also gives you time to practice applying and see what shade suits you best before going for a truly outlandish look.

Skin Blemishes

Our final advice in our orange lipstick tips is to take into consideration the condition of your skin. Orange colours will draw attention to red - so any blemishes, soreness or discolouration in the skin will become more noticeable. Use a light or medium foundation and concealer to cover discolouration of the skin, and apply bronzer to create a sun-kissed glow as a perfect companion to your orange lipstick.

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