One tool – four looks: Why you need ceramic straighteners

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Ceramic straighteners have taken hairstyling to a whole new level. Not only can you flatten your hair to a poker straight sheen, but you can create incredible curls and waves with it also. Most don’t realise that their hair straightener is versatile enough to give them any look they want. But ceramic hair straighteners today are really the only tool you need in the bathroom aside from a good blow dryer and the right styling products to hold your look. Read on to learn how to make the most of your ceramic straightener and never battle bathroom clutter again.

Sleek It Down

Ceramic straighteners were made to give women the perfectly straight hair they always dreamt of. The technology in ceramic plates protects hair from damage while producing a smooth hairstyle with shine.

Unless you have a wet and dry hair straightener, like the one from Babyliss.co.uk, then you need to completely dry your hair first. Applying a heat-protecting serum before starting will prevent damage to hair.

Curl it Up

Ceramic straighteners from Remington.co.uk and GHDhair.co.uk provide great curling secrets DVDs to help you learn different curling techniques with your hair straightener. But you can create bouncy curls with any good brand.

Two easy ways to create curls is by wrapping the hair around the straightener or turning the iron as you go down the hair shaft.

Method One: Clamp the straightener down as close to the roots as possible and turn the iron down one full-turn. Slowly go down the shaft until you reach the end and fluff up your curls with your fingers.

Method Two: Use your ceramic straightener as normal, but when you get to the end, roll it towards the scalp. With this method, you can roll under or upwards to produce unique curls.

Let it Wave

For waving hair with ceramic straighteners, use the same method as with curling with small variations. Don’t hold the hair straightener tight when pulling through hair with method one. Don’t wrap the hair around the hair iron very tightly with method two.

Flip it Up

The flipped-ends look is popular and fun to wear, and easily achievable with any of the many ceramic straighteners available today.

Simply begin straightening hair as normal, but when you get close to the ends flip the iron up and slowly run through. This is a great way to add depth to layered styles.

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