On the hunt for British designed furniture one-offs?

Alasdhair Willis is leading the way when it comes to promoting the new trend of buying art furniture. The CEO of furniture maker Established & Sons is opening a gallery this week selling one-off, British-designed furniture pieces. It appears Willis is fast raising his profile with the public - he appeared in a recent ad campaign for Gap, which is where you may have seen him before. Either there or attached to his celebrity wife, Stella MCartney.

The company is only three years old, but the new store opening reflects a change in the perception of luxury furniture, where antiques are fast being replaced by design led pieces. The individual pieces are promoted as investments and targeted at the design conscious with serious cash to spare. Some of the designers featured in the new showroom include Zaha Hadid and Michael Young.

Established & Sons opens on the 11th October at 2-3 Duke Street in London.

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