Ombré, Shatush, Dip-dye, Balayage hair lightening trends

Shatush, ombré and dip dye, baylage are all different treatments and techniques to lighten your hair and give different effects.

Let’s check out what these techniques are and what they involve since they are all big hair coloring trends and numerous celebrities are sporting several of these different styles, that everyone would like to copy.


Shatush lighten hairs with a very natural effect. Hair is divided into locks, backcombed, then lightened from the ends to the roots, with different shades that are slightly lighter than the natural colour.

Since it is a more complex technique, it can be more expensive, but it is suitable for all hair types, short or long and different hair colors.


Is a French word for shaded or shading. An ombré hairstyle has a darker color at the roots and becomes gradually lighter towards the ends, to create another sun-kissed look.

The color is only applied locally the ends, with shades that complement each other and gives hair a natural look and works with all textures and tones.

It is also ideal for women who have long hair and it is easy to manage, and is low maintenance, as it doesn’t need regular touching up, as the roots aren’t involved (unless you also need touch-ups there) in the coloring process, and there are also numerous DIY kits on the market.

Dip Dye Hair:

It’s an effect where the ends are stripped of color and the recolored with pastel shadeslike pink, lavender or blue light to obtain a very dramatic and striking contrast, but to save the already frailer ends, there are also non permanent colors.


Balayage is also known as hair painting and comes from the French word meaning "to sweep" and the technique paints streaks of color onto the hair using a small brush and a paddle to obtain subtle and natural-looking highlights or lowlights, and different shades can be used and it does not need to be maintained as often and it also grows out gracefully.

Since there are so many methods used in today's salons, and each method has its benefits and drawbacks, only your stylist and colorist will be able to tell you which highlighting technique is right for you and your hair.

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