The many uses of olive oil for beauty treatments

Beauty therapists the world over have known for years: you don't need to spend a fortune to look fabulous. In fact, when it comes to home beauty treatments, humble olive oil is hard to beat. Here we take a look at the many uses of olive oil for beauty and hair care.

So how do you use olive oil for beauty treatments? Here are some of its top uses...

1. Olive oil as a deep conditioning hair treatment

This treatment is one of our favourites. You may have heard about the "hot oil" treatments adored by celebrities and offered by all the top salons. Well did you know that the main ingredient is usually olive oil? Give your locks a well deserved pampering by gently heating some olive oil in a saucepan, then applying it liberally to your hair, massaging your scalp as you go. Wrap your hair in cling film followed by a warm towel and leave on for at least 15 minutes (or overnight if you can).

Top tip: when washing the olive oil off, shampoo your hair before adding any water. If you wet your hair before shampooing the olive oil will be difficult to remove.

2. Olive oil as a pampering lip balm

Olive oil's rich moisturising properties make it a great choice for a nourishing lip treatment. Simply slick on a layer of pure olive oil and massage your lips gently.

3. Olive oil as a beauty treat for hands

For silky smooth hands, rub on some olive oil before you go to bed at night and slip on a pair of cotton gloves on top. You'll wake up with baby smooth skin!

4. Olive oil as a beauty treat for nails

After a bath or shower, use olive oil to massage your nails and gently push the cuticles back.

5. Olive oil for massage

Add a few drops of essential oil (Ylang Ylang and lemongrass are our favourites) to olive oil to create a rich massage oil.

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