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  • Project D

    Project D

    Dannii launches the first fragrance for her fashion label

  • Winehouse scrubs up

    Winehouse scrubs up

    Amy looks healthy, happy and smokin' hot in the images for her new Fred Perry line

  • Eau de Bieber

    Eau de Bieber

    Justin Bieber is launching his own fragrance, but there's not a glass bottle in sight...

  • Dare to wear?

    Dare to wear?

    MAC launches a range of bold make up colours inspired by Lady Gaga

  • J-Lo reveals all

    J-Lo reveals all

    Jennifer Lopez shows off new plans with Gucci, and a few other things beside

  • Can you Belieb it?!

    Can you Belieb it?!

    Justin Bieber-inspired nail polishes are about to hit the US. No, we don’t get the connection either.

  • Wish you were here

    Wish you were here

    Fashion folk including Manolo Blahnik become postcard designers for Comic Relief

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