What is Nuxe oil?

Nuxe is a brand on the way up. In the late 80s Nuxe oil and creams were only sold in one shop in Paris. Now it is sold worldwide and even today it is continuing to increase in popularity. One of their spas was recently voted the most beautiful spa in France.

Nuxe have quite a wide selection of products ranging from cleansers, moisturisers, masks and scrubs to make-up, shower gels, body scrubs and now a men's range. Their website has advice sections for men that covers common skin problems like tight feeling skin, chapped lips, small blemishes and cuts from shaving!

The Nuxe site also has a handy shop locator; simply enter your city and a list and a map will reveal your nearest Nuxe stockists.

Some of their best sellers include:

Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil

It can be used all year round and 98.1% of the ingredients come from natural sources. It has lots of plant oil and vitamin E to soften and repair hair, body and face. This popular oil is available for around £20 to £25 online.

Crème Merveillance Visible Expression Lines Cream

This best selling cream claims that you can see a reduction in wrinkles after two months of us. It is designed to reduce the number, surface and length of visible expression lines. But it online for around £24.

Crème Prodigieuse Moisturiser

This Nuxe moisturiser will leave your skin feeling great. In tests, 100% of people said their skin felt softer and more comfortable after regular use. It is available online for around £16.

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