Nuts about coco

If there's one oil that's fashionable at the moment, it's coconut. Celebrities are queuing up to rave about the health-giving substance, whether it's to rub on skin, drink or mix into a home-made body scrub. Miranda Kerr has praised the oil for helping to keep her trim, apparently a teaspoon of oil a day is good for maintaining a supermodel shape (combined with relentless gym-going, natch). Madonna has also been heard raving about the youth-giving properties of the wonder oil.

The head of beauty brand Korres told The Daily Mail, 'Coconut oil, milk and water have exceptional moisturising and nourishing properties for the skin. Coconut milk derived from the fruit’s pulp is rich in nutrients, so it works to nourish and hydrate. At the same time it eliminates impurities thanks to its natural antimicrobial properties.’ Sounds pretty good to us...

However, those with greasy skin should refrain from over-using the oil. One dermatologist warned, 'It might be an effective moisturiser, but skincare containing high amounts of coconut oil can be strongly comedogenic —meaning it can clog pores.'

As well as putting the oil on skin, athletes swear by drinking coconut water for it's magical hydrating qualities. Again though, this might need to be taken with a pinch of salt. A fitness expert said, 'These drinks are marketed as great for hydration, but tap water is a great hydrator and the ideal remedy for dehydration. It contains calcium, potassium and other minerals naturally and it won’t cost you as much.’

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