Not-so-Top Man

Purveyors of lad culture since the dawn of time, Topman has found itself in the midst of a Twitter storm – nay, hurricane – today after images of two of its newest slogan T shirts were posted online.

One of the shirts carries the slogan: ‘Nice new girlfriend. What breed is she?’, whilst the other is emblazoned with the message ‘I’m so sorry but’ followed by a range of ‘excuse’ boxes to tick such as ‘I hate you’. The shirts, which appeared on Twitter this morning have quickly become a hot topic on the information-sharing site, with thousands of posts calling for the offending items to be taken offline.

Topman have yet to respond to the onslaught of criticism, which has propelled the clothing chain to the top of Twitter’s ‘trending topics’ for all the wrong reasons. Highlighting the slogans' misogynistic undertones, Guardian journalist Eva Wiseman joked: ‘Topman could dig themselves out of this mess by building a little 'ladies creche' instore, with free cupcakes and tampons and netballs’.

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