No more cruelty in the name of beauty: EU bans animal testing

A good day for humanity, a great day for animal rights! From today the European Union has banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals throughout the European community. The Regulation EC no 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009, that prompted the reorganisation of the entire beauty industry for the protection of human health, will now be implemented to phase out animal testing.

By summer, precisely as from the 11 July 2013, manufacturers will be required to provide more detailed information on cosmetics' labels about expiry date, and the possible presence of 'nanomaterials', contained in quantities smaller than 100 microns. Until now these potentially dangerous elements, mainly used in sunscreen products, did not require listing, due to their paltry amount.

The greatest conquer, however, was the absolute ban of beauty products, which ingredients have been animal tested, not just within Europe borders, but also anywhere else in the world. The new regulation won't allow such cosmetics to be sold in Europe, the largest beauty market worldwide, pushing companies to rethink and review unnecessary animal cruelty in favour of modern and more ethical methods of study.

The EU regulation will also impact on containers and packaging, which will have to display in indelible, easily visible characters, name of the company, legal address and product liability, including Country of origin of imported products, full list of ingredients, time and place of packaging, expiry date, precautions, batch number and other peculiar details to simplify product's tracing process.

The news was particularly welcomed by animal activists and animal protection groups, like Humane Society International (HSI), who worked hard to raise awareness of animal cruelty within beauty companies. This new ban means no more rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and many more species will be imprisoned and tortured in testing laboratories, in the name of human vanity. We hope that the same regulation could be applied both in the cosmetics and medical industry worldwide, very soon.

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