No animal testing makeup brands

Consumers today are increasingly interested in knowing how the products they buy are made, what is inside them, where they come from and so on. All the same, public opinion worldwide is increasingly shifting towards products that involve the least possible suffering and damage, for the planet as well as for other living creatures. In the case of cosmetics, this means more and more people are turning to cruelty free as the best possible option. And so are the big brands, although many of them are still struggling to come across as 100% transparent and committed to the issue. But worry not: in this short guide, we will take a look at no animal testing makeup brands with a long established tradition and guaranteed cruelty free policy.

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Beauty without cruelty

Original cruelty free cosmetics since 1959, using only the finest ingredients, none of animal origins. This brand, suitable for vegans, was founded by Katherine Long, a dedicated animal welfare activist and vegetarian, as well as a cosmetician. BWC products, like its trademark, carmine free red lipstick (£12.61) are available in online shops such as ultraglow.com, animalaidshop.co.uk and in the brand's own online shop: http://www.bwcshop.com/shop/

Essential Care

Essential Care is a well-known and trusted natural beauty products manufacturer that only uses natural ingredients, all of them plant-derived, except for the emulsifier beeswax. All their products are handmade in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and are tested on a panel of willing human volunteers, never on animals. Furthermore, Essetial Care requires that its raw materials suppliers follow the same policy. Their cosmetics range consists in natural mineral makeup

What about the big names in the beauty business? Well, we all know about Body Shop and their cruelty free, ecofriendly ethic and gorgeous range of cosmetics. But, hey, Superdrugs' own makeup range is not tested on animals! So next time you shop there, take a look at their selection of lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation and the lot, for cruelty free glamour and convenience.

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