New Year's Eve: beauty tips

New Year's Eve is a long night of no-stop parties and celebration, and we just love it that way. But there's nothing worse than our wonderful, shimmering makeup abandoning us half way through the night. We should then give special attention to making our precious makeup last longer than usual. Our New Year's Eve beauty tips, therefore, focus on few tricks that will guarantee that those glitters and sparkles stay in place all night.

Prime it, fix it

Our New Year's Eve beauty tips focus on how to achieve a long lasting makeup.

First things first: there's no point in spending ages concealing imperfections, puffiness and round circles if they're just going to pop back out again in few hours. So make sure you only use long lasting bases, foundations and concealers for this special night. Also, apply them to your face by dabbing and tapping which will effectively blend them with your skin. And, above all, apply a makeup primer before anything else, and finish off with a spray of makeup fixer and a thin layer of face powder.

Now, what you really want is to awe and seduce with dramatic cat eyes or precious smokey eyes, so make sure these too are made to last. For our eye makeup to live up to New Year's Eve expectations you need a good eyes primer and a layering techinque when applying eyeshadows. If using cream eyeshadows make sure you fix them with a thin layer of a powder eyeshadow of the same colour, or a seethrough face powder.

If you are using glitter, fix it with a makeup glitter glue or simply with false lashes glue. Eye pencils and mascara need rigorously be waterproof if you don't want them to streak and melt in the middle of the party!

Least but not last of our New Year's Eve beauty tips is for the finishingtouch: your lips. Choose a long lasting lipsticks with a matt finish: they are the most durable and will require the least amount of retouching during the night. Furthermore, you can enhance its performance by applying layers of your favourite nuance.

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