New wonder cream alert!

If you've been thinking to yourself, 'I'm fairly happy with my lot, but it's been a while since a beauty product has been touted as the new botox, and that makes me sad', well cheer up, as we have beauty news that will turn that frown (causes wrinkles, you know) into a smile. Olay have created a new set of products designed to combat the key signs of aging, and professional dermatologists have given the creams rave reviews. In fact, when Olay Professional went on the market in the US, it sold out in 17 minutes...

Olay's 'Principal scientist' told The Daily Mail, 'The dermatologists were emphatic that this specialist dermatology-inspired range of anti-ageing products meets their precise definitions of professionally-inspired skincare products.'

While a Professor of Dermatology in Miami said, 'A truly rigorous clinical study that proves a cosmetic is as effective as the benchmark products we use routinely for reducing the visible appearance of wrinkles is impressive.'

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