New fad alert!

We at fashionjunkie can't get enough of new skincare lines that make increasingly ridiculous claims about the magic that they can perform upon your skin. The latest is an American range which apparently has harnessed the wonder of blood-type diets, and applied it to creams and potions.

Dr James D'Adamo, who first 'invented' the blood-type diet, and has now created the skincare line told The Daily Mail, 'Patients kept telling me that they wanted to look as good as they felt after following the Blood Type Diet. I based these products on [my patients’] top requests.'

A fan called 'Maria' raved about the new wonder-balm saying, 'I like that it’s odourless and gives my skin a soft and supple feel.' A lady called 'Jennifer' priased the cleanser for being, 'Moist, but not greasy, and absorbed easily into skin, lasting the whole day.'

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