Chocomania! New body butter chocolate flavours from the Body Shop

We all love The Body Shop line of Body Butter products. In fact, we are not alone in our love for the Body Butter range of products. Celebrities including Elle MacPherson and Victoria Beckham are also fans of the beauty products. It’s no wonder one Body Butter from Body Shop is sold every two seconds!

Mango Body Butter was the first Body Butter flavour created by The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick. Anita literary cooked her first Body Butter flavour in her kitchen and her daughter named the product Body Butter after noticing it was “just like butter… for the body.”

From its humble beginnings, The Body Shop Body Butter products have grown to become a staple in any beauty regimen for soft and supple skin. And guess what? The Body Shop has an entire range of lavish, chocolate flavoured body butter products branded Chocomania.

The New Body Shop Chocomania flavour

The Chocomania body shop range of products feature Chocomania soap, Chocomania shower cream, Chocomania body scrub, Chocomania body butter and lip butter and Chocomania body lotion. Can you imagine? The chocolate flavours are like chocolate paradise. They're so rich, elegantly packaged and indulgent.

The Body Shop Chocomania flavour range is designed to give intensive skin moisturising treatment. It soaks easily into skin and provides up to 48 hours of moisturisation. That is two, worry-free days of perfect skin conditioning!

Chocomania is packaged in completely recyclable material to ensure you don't destroy the environment while using it. Its ingredients are certified community fair trade.

Bottom line, the new body butter chocolate flavours from the Body Shop are so good you could eat them!

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