Neve Cosmetics, mineral make-up

Introducing Neve Cosmetics, mineral make-up, another line of products made in Italy. Established in 1990 with registered offices in Turin, Neve Cosmetics sells 100% mineral makeup from eye shadow, blush, and concealer to foundation, powder, lipstick and sun bronzer.

Add zest to your makeup style with the Delhi or Bombay safeblush, both from the inspiring Summer of India collection. Revel in the warmth and colours of India and reminisce the beauty of Rajasthan, Kerala, and the mountains of Darjeeling and Sikkim. All products are natural and not tested on animals certifying the purity and safety of ingredients used in these mineral cosmetics.

The main selling point of Neve is that all ingredients are sourced from plants, qualifying their products as purely vegan. All you vegans out there, this is great news. And the best part is, Neve works with Kawaii Cosmetics of Japan. Japanese skin care products are some of the world's best, responsible for those smooth, clear, radiant, and youthful complexions. Combined with the Italian flair for stylish makeup, this partnership is a great collaboration.

That’s not all. There are other accessories sold by Neve including empty jar dispensers for those weekend breaks, customizable palette, makeup pouch, tweezers, and a rotating sifter. Those cute Kabuki brushes are there to help produce a professional and flawless result.

Lighter shades of cosmetics are also available. Take a look at the Pastello collection or the Palette Blusshisimi, containing everything you would need for your facial makeup. It consists of eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer in light and eye-catching colours. Those who can’t stand to put on pastels can go for the Incenso or the Zen eyeshadow.

Skincare products are available as well such as facial cleansers and masks. Neve's facial and body creams are made with extracts from plants and fruits such as acai berries, macadamia nuts (Crema Esotica), rice oil (Crème Eterea), jojoba oil, and calendula (Crema Sublime).

The downside is, you can only get these treats online through the Neve cosmetics website. The site’s in Italian, but that should not prevent you from getting your hands on a couple of these gems.

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