Neon Hair Accessories: Retro and Contemporary

Neon clothing and accessories in colourful hues including hot pink, lime green, fluorescent yellow and bright turquoise were big in the 80s. Today's neon hair accessories give a nod to what was great about the 80s while bringing new life to neon. Neon hair decorations can be used to create retro or contemporary looks.

Topping crimped hairstyles with neon bows and further accessorising by adding stacks of jelly bracelets to wrists creates a look that can take viewers back to the days of Madonna's "Lucky Star" album release. Wearers can also rock '80s looks by wearing neon bands or clips around a side ponytail; or they can step into the twenty-first century fashion scene by wearing these same bands or clips around a low side bun. Alternatively, smooth sleek hairstyles decorated with hair accessories featuring neon flowers look very now, as do hairstyles with natural looking but neon-coloured faux hair clipped in. Faux hair in neon shades can create the appearance of streaked hair and be easily changes out to suit wearers’ outfits or moods.

Sticking to one or two neon shades for each accessorised outfit can help wearers look like they are participating in the trends of the twenty-first century rather than being overpowered by the neon everything of the '80s. Pairing neon hair accessories with other contemporary trends such as skinny jeans, colourful denim or neon tights creates looks that are modern and fun. Neon is big now, so wear a bright turquoise headband with a bright blue dress, pair a neon yellow floral hairclip with a pair of lime green denim trousers and a floral top, or otherwise complete your outfit with a neon hair accessory.



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