Natural make-up and nail treatment for sensitive skin

We recently talked about sensitive skincare products to soothe, smooth and supple delicate skin that suffers from particular conditions, today we want to talk about make-up. It is important to combine a good skincare routine to suitable beauty products containing natural ingredients and chemical free formulas, in order to maximise the benefits and reduce allergies.

We had the opportunity to have a make-over and try and test the new Korres Makeup colour collection and the new Mavala nail products, which combine the finest natural ingredients to the use of advanced technology to ensure precise application and excellent skin compatibility.

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As I have combination skin, the make-up artist suggested to apply Korres Pomegranate Foundation High Coverage, Matt Finish with SPF 15, PF3, £19.00 (30ml), available in four shades, to create an even base. It is a high-cover elastic formulation that conceals skin imperfections and redness, while providing a matte finish. Pomegranate extract is rich in tannins and polyphenols, which tightens pores and rejuvenate the epidermis. Although it conceal thoroughly, it didn't feel heavy on my skin and it smelled fabulous, too.

I then had Pomegranate Concealer Full Coverage, Long Wearing, PC3, £19.00 (10ml) applied around my eyes to cover dark circles. I always wear concealer and this felt really light, but covered up perfectly. To settle the foundation the make-up artist applied Korres Multivitamin Compact Powder Lightweight, Matte Finish, MVP4, £21.00, enriched with vitamins C and E. I'm not a fan of powder, as I find the coverage too cakey, but it didn't feel too heavy on my skin. Zea Mays Blush, 45 Coral, £7.50, completed the look defining and brightening my cheeks.

As I have brown eyes the artist suggested the use of earthy colours: she applied Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Shimmering Eyeshadow, £12.00, in Nude 15 on the brow, above crease and inner lid to brighten, followed by Light Green 43 on the upper and lower lid and Cypress Green 49 on the outer crease to define. To give my lashes a deep, dark colour and add volume I had Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara, £15.00 in black. I loved this product as it lengthened and volumised my lashes with just two strokes and it felt weightless.

Last step was to find the right lipstick for me, I tend to use natural shades as my pout is quite full, so the make-up artist applied Korres Mango Butter Lipstick, 25 Natural Purple, £15.00. This lipstick is fantastic as it leaves lips deeply moisturised and smooth, and the wet, shiny colour lasts for ages.

To finish the make-over I had a manicure done by Mavala nail artist, who gave me lots of tips to achieve perfect salon nails at home. To start with apply Mavala Cuticle Remover to remove overgrown cuticles and cleanse nails, it can be used once or twice a month. Wipe over the nails with nail polish remover to get rid of residues and then with water to remove oils or grease. Apply Mavala 002 Base Coat with adhesive formula to hold on to the polish, protect against chipping and strengthen nails. Choose your favourite shade, in my case it was Mavala 64 Bilbao and put two coats of it to make it bolder and fuller. Finish off your manicure with Mavala Colorfix, which seal and fixes polish and gives a brilliant, long lasting sheen and apply Mava-Dry Spray to touch-dry polish in seconds. Ta-da!

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