Natural beauty treatments to try in the salon!

Spas throughout the UK are increasingly focusing on natural beauty treatments - those that will leave you looking relaxed and feeling great, but don't contain any harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives. Here are our picks of thee top natural spa treatments:

Seaweed wrap: A full body seaweed wrap cleanses and detoxes the body and is a great choice for all skin types. The natural minerals found in seaweed are absorbed easily by skin cells, leaving the skin looking toned, smoothed and revitalised. The minerals also help to disperse fatty deposits, making them especially good on problem areas like thighs, bums and tums.

Warm mud wrap: Many muds are full of natural minerals that purify your skin and help to relieve muscular aches, pains and tiredness. If you have sensitive skin, a Moroccan mud wrap is particularly suitable.

Tropical salt scrub and polish: Natural salt exfoliates away dead cells, leaving your skin soft and polished, while the tropical fruit oils work to brighten and rehabilitate tired and dull skin.

Thermae facial: Thermae facials are favoured in many of Britain's top spas. The high class natural ingredients deep cleanse, exfoliate and soften. There is a range of specially tailored facials and Thermae products for different skin types, including male skin, dry skin, mature skin, oily skin, combination skin and problem skin.

Indian head massage: An Indian head massage is the ultimate stress buster. Natural oils are massaged onto the soft tissue of your scalp, neck and shoulders, leaving you feeling energised and revitalised.

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