Nars model looks dog rough...

Well, we suppose if you're head of the company, you can do what the heck you like - including choosing your own pet to front a range of makeup. Francois Nars, of Nars Make up, has plucked Marcel, the bull dog from the obscurity, and has given him his own shot at stardom. Let's hope he adapts well to the limelight and doesn't let fame go to his pretty head, like all those other poor celebrity pets that met a sorry end - Lassie, the monkey out of Friends, erm (Ed - that's enough celebrity animals).

Cocoperez.com gives the lowdown, 'Accompanied with the message, 'More than a Pretty Face', Marcel the French bull dog is the spokesdog for the line. Nars will be releasing more photos of Marcel over the next few weeks, along with make-up tips on their Facebook page. Pro Prime is launching on May 1 with its Skin Smoothing Face Prep and Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.'

Good luck, Marcel - it's a dog eat dog world out there! (Ed - you're fired).

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