Naomi Campbell rocks Graham Norton Show with new Afro look

Naomi Campbell has decided to switch to a seventies style by going afro. The British super model showed off her new look in the Graham Norton Show where she dropped her signature straight hair for an oversized wig. During an episode of The Face, Campbell told a contestant “next time you buy a wig, take me with you," so we know that she is a self-confessed wig addict but we wouldn’t have expected her to take it this far.

The 43-year old from South London chose a mega-sized afro with a built-in step that made her seem a lot younger. Perhaps her smiling face during the interview and the fun she was clearly having took years off her.

The world-famous super model was having fun on Graham Norton’s show, even taking time to chat with fellow guests Ant and Dec. She spent most of the show patting the hair-do proudly. She looked every inch the seventies icon in a low-cut black dress that was complete with sequins.

Recent reports suggest that Campbell’s tight hair-dos have caused her to lose her hair over the years so perhaps the wig was worn to disguise this. Experts who reviewed images of her from February when a gust of wind revealed the extent of her hair loss, have predicted that she’s suffering from traction alopecia which is brought on by over processing the hair and through wearing weaves.

In most cases, suffers recover hair after three months but in some it can take a year. If it doesn’t return, a hair transplant is the only option. Wearing straight extensions over her curly hair for a number of years has to be the cause of the hair loss, but other processes in the modelling industry will also have contributed.

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