OK so perhaps it’s not on the same scale as, say, the 2012 Olympics but without doubt the most exciting competitive event this year is the Nailympics.

The intrepid folk at the Daily Mail were on hand to document every swish of the emery board, every brush stroke, every painstaking nail-sized recreation of a shipwrecked pirate galleon. The event takes place in London every year, and plays host to over 350 competitors from 24 countries, each vying for the chance to win the coveted Nailympics trophy for their category.

This year entries included nails decorated with a pirate theme (including sea, beach, and stolen treasure) and safari animals. Whilst the event may seem rather niche, the organisers explain to the Mail that whilst it may look ridiculous it is ‘no more so than some of the clothes you would see at a high fashion show in Paris. It displays a mastery of the nail technician’s craft.’ Sadly Britain is lagging behind in the competition, so if you really want to do your country proud then stop throwing that javelin, and go grab a bottle of polish. You’ve got 12 months to practise.

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