Tips for wearing nail varnish for men

The face isn't the only part of a man's body that's getting a lot of help from the cosmetics industry. Nails need treatment too; be it from a slow massage on the hands to an application of a nail varnish. Nail varnish doesn't only beautify, it protects nails while giving a neat and polished look. And these days it's not only women who are working the look.

  • Buy nail varnish products for men that are made specifically for men. Nudes, bright blue, and grey are the most popular colours.
  • Grooming practices are still important before putting on any nail varnish. Clip the nails to a desirable length and moisturise the hands. Go to a beauty salon if you can't do it properly.
  • If you have hairy toes, trim those unsightly things first. Get a wax treatment and a pedicure before putting on nail varnish. It looks much neater.
  • Putting essential oils and moisturisers on the nails also protect the enamel of nails.
  • Coating the nails with a colourless varnish can do the trick without being loud and offensive. Bright colours are still not the norm when it comes to nail varnish for men, although there are some who can get away with it - namely movie stars. Coming to the office with nail polish on your fingers probably isn't the best way to look professional, but then that depends on where you work..Start with colourless and nude nail polish and work your way to brighter colours. These colours are unobtrusive. But they give a little shine and an add to an all round understated look, which adds up to being clean and well-groomed.
  • Being well groomed is one thing, but most male wearers of nail varnish do it for one reason: to make a statement. If nothing else, a splash of colour on your fingertips will help you to stand out. And this bold fashion statement is going mainsteam. Celebrities like Seal, David Beckham, and Johnny Depp are working the look. So if you're a man and you are thinking of wearing nail varnish, do it with confidence. It's a bit like wearing a male sarong: it's only weird until Becks does it....

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