Nail Art trends for Valentine's Day 2014

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Surprise and amaze this Valentine's Day with a dedicated nail art design. Find inspiration in the latest nail art trends and personalize your style with these stunning ideas.

The trend of nail art is getting bigger and bigger in fashion specially among young women and girls. With so many different kinds out there, there is a nail art design for any occasion and style. Plus, it will inevitably add to every woman's awesomeness.

Nail art designs can be created with the aid of special brushes and vanish, or with nail gels or even nail stickers, whose popularity is booming right now. Nail stickers are widely available in various designs, colours, shapes and sizes. Also going strong at the moment are Swarovski crystals which instantly add glittery glamour to any manicure.

There's plenty of lovely Valentine's Day nail art ideas and trends out there. Some of these awesome designs will suite your very own Valentine's Day too.

Amongst the trends for the most romantic day of the year there are the colourful nail crystals, rhinestones and acrylic stones for an elegant nail style. Rhinestones in particular are accessible in various forms or sizes, colors and shapes.

Of course red is bound to go strong on Valentine's Day, so many will chose to simply decorate some or all the nails with little red flowers or heart shapes. Find lots of idea in our gallery, for you to try at home of to take to your favourite nail bar and get it done professionally. Happy Valentine's Day gorgeous ladies!

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