Nail art for beginners: best and easiest designs

Creating a nail art design can be simpler than you think but it does require great patience and practice. If you are a beginner we have some advices for you.

If you would like to start creating and wearing your own designs, why not try something very simple but at the same time lovely and spot on trendy?

For instance, you could try an alternate colour design. Simply alternate a different nail polish on each finger, or a choice of two, three colours, alternating the choice of fingers on each end, or keeping them specular for a more symmetrical effect.

This is a lovely starting point, definitely easy and the choice of colours is entirely up to you: as many and any you like. We strongly suggest to give a go the some of the awesome neon, fluo pop and pastel shades available now, for an added funky effects that well suits the quirky style of this easy nail art design. A real head turner.

Another good starting point for your nail art practice would be the dotting manicure: dots make any manicure look more elegant and interesting, and are the easiest design to make. You will need a steady hand and a special designed dotting tool. Once you start by painting dots on your nails you can progress slowly and steady making flowers or other simple designs such as animal prints. Indeed, the dotting manicure is considered to be the first step towards free hand nail design.

PHOTO GALLERY Nail art designs

Or you could jump into the thick of fashionable and easy nail art designs by taking advantage of the many specialist nail art products widely available right now. Glitters and effect polishes, for instance, are by far the easiest to use with the nicest results. Try a glitter gradient on the tips: simply apply your base colour, than add a slightly lighter glitter nail paint using a sponge, only on the tips of the nails. Apply a top coat to finish.


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