We check out 2005's classic Mulberry Araline bag

Having been released originally in 2005, the Mulberry Araline Bag went on to be a huge hit among British women. Known mainly for the distinctive tassels adorning the strap, the bag is renowned for its incredibly soft leather which only gets softer as time goes on, as well as its spacious interior which provides more than enough room for all your day to day items.

The real strength of the bag is the fact that it's subtle enough to work with business clothes, yet with the right attire can be made to appear as bold and brash as the wearer desires. The brass buckle on the front, as well as all other fixtures, is composed of a specially antiqued brass which adds a real touch of class to the overall style of the bag.

While the tassels are certainly the main feature of the bag, they managed to split the opinion of many women, with more than a few speaking out against the distinctive look, and claiming that they would much prefer a bag in the same style without the tassels.

However this didn't stop the bag becoming a huge hit, and now that they are no longer being made, the demand has crept up with each passing year as women who missed out the first time around are desperately trying to find them online.

While the bag is now almost impossible to find anywhere, unless you're willing to take a chance on ebay or other auction sites, your best chance of getting one from a more reliable source is to keep your eye on www.bagboudoir.co.uk and www.net-a-porter-.com, who have been known to occasionally pop up pre-owned bags for sale on their website.

The chances of you finding one are slim, but we're sure you'd rather spend a few minutes every now and then searching than running the risk of missing out altogether.

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