Most expensive new house: Hampstead, £35m

The title of the most expensive new property ever to be sold has just been awarded to a seven bedroom house in the well heeled London town of Hampstead.

Proud new owner, Israeli diamond billionaire Lev Leviev, paid £35million for the house where Lulu and Ringo Starr have lived (not together. That would be scandal mongering.)

Interested to know what's inside the super luxurious pad? Here's a quick run down:

1) £750,000 stone staircase in the entrance hall (the price of a country retreat in Surrey)
2) £100,000 stone fireplace in the drawing room
3) £50,000 armour plated front door (one would need it with all that price stone work hanging around)
4) Nightclub (at least they can get an income to pay off the mortgage from 241 beer nights?)
5) Cinema (see above 241 offer on tickets)
6) Indoor pool with gold plated mosaic tiles (ummm)
7) Gym, hair salon and spa

A bargain at the price we think! Take a look at what the most expensive properties in general are here, if you think this one is a little...overvalued.

(Image: Prawnpie's Flickr stream)

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