Most common make up fails and mistakes

Makeup can create a stunning or awful look. This is why it is important that you should know how to put on cosmetics properly so that it will achieve your desired outcome. We list some of the most common mishaps when using cosmetics.

Mistakes to avoid

Cosmetics and pigmentation have been used since a long time to serve various purposes:

  • to enhance beauty
  • to disguise flaws
  • to heighten facial characteristics
  • Both men and women use makeup, although the latter use it more often than the former. To achieve the desired effect, makeup must be properly applied.

    Here are makeup mistakes that you should avoid:

  • The right hue of foundation
  • Often, there is an obvious difference with the tone of the face and the neck. Choose a foundation that closely matches your skin so that you will not end up looking like you're wearing a facial mask.

  • Smeared lipstick
  • Lipstick should be applied properly. Imagine smiling and others can see a lipstick smudge on your teeth. Be sure to check for smudges and blot your lipstick with a tissue.

  • Overdone eyes
  • Eyes that are done sublty using makeup will have a stunning effect. Unfortunately, overdoing it such as putting too much mascara or eyeliner can have a macabre effect. Remember, don't end up looking like a raccoon or a vampire.

  • Too much powder
  • Too much makeup often does not look nice. Putting on lots of powder can also have a negative effect on your appearance. Don't leave the house looking like you have flour on your face.

  • Excessive blush
  • In the same manner, applying too much blush or colouring is not advisable as you will end up looking like a clown. Go for the almost au naturel rosy cheek appearance by dabbing a hint of blush on your cheek bones.

  • Thin eyebrows
  • A well-contoured eyebrow is beautiful, but do not overdo it making your eyebrows very thin-looking. Just make sure that you pluck stray eyebrows but do not go overboard and go easy on the tweezer.

    Other mistakes

    Another common makeup mistake is an empty lip liner ring. It is common knowledge that lip liners last longer than your lipstick so imagine walking around at the end of the day with an empty ring on your mouth. To fix this problem, use the liner on your lips and then cover with your usual shade of lipstick.

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