Beating lip dryness with a moisturising lipstick

The lips are prone to dryness because of a lot of factors. A few of these include the cold weather, wind, licking, and a dry environment that lead to chapped lips. Wearing a moisturising lipstick is one easy trick to keep lips from drying without compromising your make up routine. You get to brighten your face and at the same time, protect your lips from cracking.

What moisturising lipsticks offer

An ordinary lipstick tends to dry the lips because it has no moisturisers. It is just a means to put colour on the lips. An alternative solution is to apply a lip balm before putting a lipstick on. But most lip balms lock water in and do not moisturise the lips. They still get dry in the end making lips cracked.

Another option is to use a lip gloss instead of a balm. However, the colour on the lips does not stay long; thus, you need to reapply more often which is inconvenient to many.

Combining moisturisers and colour in the form of a moisturising lipstick is the best option. You get both qualities of a lipstick and a lip moisturiser in one tube. This type of cosmetic product has moisturisers and emollients such as shea butter, emu oil, castor oil, vitamin E and macadamia oil. These ingredients condition the lips and prevent them from drying. They give moisture instantly to the lips as opposed to lip balms that lock the moisture or lip gloss that comes off easily.

Moisturising lipsticks also prevent lips from wrinkling which happens when there is not enough moisture on the lips. Licking the lips does not help as it only contributes to further dryness. Therefore, a moisturising lip product gives a smoother and supple look to the lips. You also feel more comfortable without the feeling of tightness around your lips.

Buying tips

For many, buying a moisturising lipstick is not an easy task because there are hundreds if not thousands of colours, shades and brands. Before buying, try the lipstick first at your nearest cosmetics store. Sampling is the best way to make sure that the colour suits your skin tone and that you will not suffer from any allergic reactions upon contact with the cosmetic.

Consider a moisturising lipstick that has a sunscreen because the lips are also vulnerable to UV rays. Although many people never thought of using sunscreen on the lips, lip products these days include an SPF of 15 or 20 giving lips the protection from the sun's rays that could damage skin or cause skin cancer.

Lastly, a moisturising lipstick costs more than regular lipstick, but the benefits of having a lipstick and a moisturiser in one product, are to many, worth the price.

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