Mohammed Ali for Louis Vuitton: The 'Greatest' Core Values Campaign

Muhammad Ali is the latest celebrity to grace Louis Vuitton's Core Values campaign. In the photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz, the former boxer is pictured with his 4-year-old grandson C.J.

The 70-year-old former World Heavyweight Champion and current UN Messenger of Peace is pictured looking at his grandson affectionately as C.J tries on a pair of boxing gloves that are far too big for him. A monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag is positioned by his feet. The tagline under the picture says, "Some stars show you the way. Muhammad Ali changed the world around him and remains a figure of inspiration to millions."


The Core Values campaign celebrates Louis Vuitton's timeless and classic status. It uses celebrities rather than models and places them in locations that represent the celebrity rather than Louis Vuitton. The Mohammed Ali for Louis Vuitton's core values shoot is the latest but can it be proclaimed 'the greatest'?


In the accompanying press release Yves Carcelle, CEO of Louis Vuitton, says: "Muhammad Ali is the epitome of an outstanding personality - a true living legend in boxing and far beyond. We are honoured that he agreed to be photographed for the Core Values campaign, and delighted with the way this beautiful portrait of the champion and his grandson captures the idea of transmission, which is of great significance to Louis Vuitton."

The Ali campaign follows on from Angelina Jolie's 2011 appearance. Other celebrities to have graced the Core Values campaign include U2 singer Bono, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and movie director Francis Ford Coppola.

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