Miss Natalie Portman, Cherie!

Natalie Portman, currently seen with terrifying red eye make up on the posters for Black Swan on pretty much every street corner, phone box and bus stop in the country, is the new face of Miss Dior Cherie perfume. And looks significantly less scary.

Grazia writes that Portman previously had reservations about being a 'face' for a major brand but changed her mind when she realised she and Dior shared common ground: 'I had an aversion to selling things. And then I realised both that there could be a company that I would be proud to represent, and also that they would really support the things I believe in.' Presumably she doesn't mean glamour and luxury, but we're struggling to work out what the other connections could be.

Portman looks gorgeous in the new poster artwork, shot by Tim Walker, and we imagine she'll look equally beautiful in the adverts which are set to hit our TVs anytime soon, directed by Sofia Coppola. The last advert, also directed by Coppola (below), saw a beautiful model skip through the streets of Paris. Maybe Portman will show off her new ballet skills by throwing in a few pirouettes and jetés too?

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