Miley Cyrus is the latest celebrity to get hooked on pastel hair

What's with starlets and hair recently? It seems that the new trend for Hollywood young celebrities is to go pastel-crazy, from lilac, through emerald to pink, everything goes, as long as the new hue is sported along with a fashionable crop.

The latest star to dye her locks in blue was Miley Cyrus. The singer has recently gone through a phase of transformation, trying to detach herself from the sweet Disney character that made her famous. First she chopped her long hair off, in favour to a more sophisticated appearance, then she went from brunette to blonde and finally she shaved everything off, for an even more extreme look.

It looks like Miley is not afraid to dare with her hair, as the latest pictures show her wearing a punk hair-style, with dark roots and an uneven blueish hue at the tips. Although fans went bonkers on Twitter about her new dye, Miss Cyrus felt to put the record straight about her choice of colour: "My hurrr ain't blue. That s***s PLATINUM” she twitted.

Whatever the shade might be, it appears that right now stars are queuing up to have their locks lightened and colour-washed with the most bizarre tints. The pioneers that put crazy dyes back on the fashion map were Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne, whose purple hair caused a total stir in Tinseltown. Then many followed bringing the trend to yet another level.

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are fans of deep colours, often sporting two intense shades together, such as blonde and pink, or scarlet and black. Some prefer delicate tones, such as Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, who's hair went from platinum to lilac and rose. Others go for the shock effect, wearing vivid neon colours, like Hayley William's Napalm Orange dye.

Whatever the mood and the season you are in, there's a crazy colour waiting for you. Will you dare to dare?

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