Middlesbrough officially worst place to live

Kirsty and Phil off our favourite property programme, Location, Location, Location have come up with their list of the worst places to live in the UK. Last year, Hackney in London was honoured with the crown: this year they head further north and, after extensive research on quality of life, Middlesbrough tops the bill.

The stats are pretty damning:

One of the highest crime rates in the UK
One of the top 10 places in the UK for theft from a car, theft of a car and burglary
Average annual salary of £16,998 compared UK average of £23,580
27% of adults binge-drink (against the 18% England national average)
Just 16% of the adult population eat healthily
Only 10% are physically active

In second place this year is Hull, followed by Newham in East London. This reminds us of the hilarious book "Crap Towns: The 50 worst places to live in the UK", which revealed a while back that the worst place to live was in fact Luton.

A quick search on The Idler, the genii behind Crap Towns, did reveal that Middlesbrough also fairs pretty badly in their ratings: "Not strictly a town, but it is undisputed armpit of the nation. Main toursit attraction? A transport bridge. Poisonous industrial fumes drift down one dismal, windy road. Outsiders will be lucky to leave unbruised."


(Image: iambigred's Flickr stream)

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