Get mens linen suits in the UK for great prices

Buying yourself a brand new suit needn't be the hassle you imagine it to be, nor does it need to be the super expensive purchase that you might expect. While high street prices remain as high as ever, apart from the occasional sale where you might be lucky to find your size in stock, there are some serious bargains to be had for the clever shopper online.

Our search for the best prices for top quality mens linen suits in the UK led us to Peter Christian Tailoring and Couture, based in Mackley Estate, Small Dole, about ten miles from Brighton in West Sussex. A family owned business founded and run by married couple Miranda and Nick Alderton, Peter Christian has been on the go for more than eight years now, and has steadily built a reputation for offering well tailored clothing for both men and women at a fraction of the cost of other retailers.

With more than twenty year's experience in fashion retail between them, the Aldertons have founded their company on the premise of delivering affordable, quality clothing with great service and sensible advice for their customers, regardless of the request or query.

On their site, located at www.peterchristian.co.uk, you'll find a great selection in men's linen suits for the UK market, at prices that undercut even the best priced high street retailers.

For just £150 you can pick up a gorgeous 100% Linen suit, product code MensStuit11, comprising of trousers and jacket available in both natural and navy colours in a wide range of sizes that will suit everyone.

With delivery to the UK costing just £5 for standard service and £7 for express, European delivery costing just £8 and deliveries to the rest of the world priced at just £15, you'll make massive savings on every order, so check them out today and add a touch of class to your wardrobe.

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