Men hairstyles: 3 hot 2012 trends

Most men don’t like to change their hairstyle. However, if you feel motivated to get a new haircut, there are stylish trends for 2012 you can try out. Unlike women’s hair trends that are short lived, men’s hairstyles tend to evolve slowly over time. Each men's hairstyle trend has its roots in the styles of previous years. The trendiest men’s hairstyles for 2012, for example, have their roots in popular hairstyles of 2010 and 2011. We give you a list of men hairstyles: 3 hot 2012 trends to inspire you to find a stylish hairstyle for a great new look and keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Brit-rock curly mop top

The Brit-rock curly mop top, as we call it, is the kind of curly hairstyle you would wear to a casual party or an indie gig anytime. It is inspired by the Brit-rock indie more than anything else and oozes a bucket load of confidence. If you have natural curls and plenty of length, this 1970s revival style might be a good choice for you. It features styled “out-of-control” curls throughout cut blunt without compromising on length to achieve a clear shape. The style connotes a hip lifestyle that suits both the young and the young at heart.

Short waves

If you have curly hair and want something natural and no less stylish, short waves or curls might be what you are looking for. Natural curls come in different forms. There are soft, tight, entangled and even compact curls. The dominant 2012 short curls hairstyle is attitude-infused. It features sleek wavy hair atop with short sides and less height. The style connotes a cool and relaxed lifestyle and works really well with natural, curly hair. Apartfrom the attractive, stylish look short curls offer, many men also appreciate the fact that the waves require minimal effort to straighten or relax.

Slicked back hair

The slicked back hair with a side part is a classic 2012 haircut revived from styles of the early 20th Century. It was once associated with the old and stylish gentlemen, but you will not be hard pressed to find it worn by younger, style conscious men today. The style features sleek straight hair, slicked to the side with a well-defined parting on the side and no volume. It is ideal for men with natural straight hair, but men with curly hair can also straight blow-dry their hair and style it into the ‘slick’ look.

If you are looking to get a new haircut or keep up with the latest fashion trends, why not consider the top men’s hairstyles of 2012 such as these mentioned here? The styles are the go-to hairstyles of many a man from celebrated catwalk designers, famous personalities like George Clooney and the rest of us common chaps on the streets who now our fashion.

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