Men are tuning in to yoga

The number of men at yoga classes is on the up. 95% of group practitioners are female (according to the British Wheel of Yoga) however interest in the art form is increasing and men are switching on to its benefits.

Not least for the unrivalled opportunity it provides for meeting women. In an article in the Guardian, journalist Peta Bee does an anecdotal survey of all her yoga friends and finds out that 12 out of the 16 women she asked have been approached or flirted with in class. Although we can't condone this (some may say enterprising?) male behaviour, we feel it our duty to use the current hot topic to draw your attention to a new cult video doing the rounds - The Inappropriate Yoga Guy.

We watched some of the extracts and belly laughed outloud. Oh yes, this, ladies, is the man you all know and love to hate at your exercise class. Be it yoga, the Rockstar Workout, circuit training, ballet or swimming.

The character Ogden is an absolute comic genius.

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