Meet Lola's little sister

Fans of Marc Jacob's 'Eau so fresh' spritz perfumes will be overjoyed to hear that the prolific designer is launching a new Lola. The new incarnation of Lola has been dubbed her 'little sister' as it's a lighter, fresher twist on the original. The pong shares a similar vanilla and tonka bean fragrance, but with raspberry, pear, frais de bois and peony.

Marc told Grazia, 'We recoloured the bottle and changed the juice. This Lola is more of a Lolita than a Lola, but we weren’t going to call the fragrance Lolita. Lola is more seductive; Oh, Lola is sensual, but she’s sweeter.'

The ad campaign for Oh Lola is fronted by up-and-coming young actress Dakota Fanning, who has caused a slight stir by posing with the perfume bottle between her legs. Saucy...

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