Massage guide for London

Sometimes the best way to deal with a long day is to enjoy a relaxing massage. Massage can improve your spirits and work out the tension from your mind and body. London has several massage operations in most parts of town making it highly convenient. Some shops even come to your location, which is an added benefit. Use this massage guide to to learn about acupressure, deep tissue and foot massages.

Massage options


The ancient Chinese technique of acupressure uses much of the same principles found in acupuncture. Don't worry, you receive the benefits of the massage without the use of needles. Finger pressure is applied to the body in specific areas to create Chi energy.

The London Massage Therapy offers acupressure massages and their massages start at £50. View additional massage options at london-massage-therapy.co.uk. Consider deep tissue and foot massages included in the massage guide for greater London.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage can benefit anyone with its wonderful soothing effects. For those people that work in physically demanding jobs or enjoy outdoor sports there is nothing like deep tissue therapy.

Beauty Essence offers three London locations offering deep tissue massage. You can find additional massage choices at beautyessence.co.uk. Green Cute Massage specialises in outcall massages and offers deep tissue therapy, aromatherapy and acupressure massage. Learn more options at greencutemassage.co.uk.

Foot Massage

Trained foot reflexologist are specially trained to use pressure on the energy lines or meridians found on the side of your feet and sole of the foot. These types of pressure techniques are known to stimulate blood flow and circulation in addition to affecting organs in the body.

The Nattawan Thai Spa offers foot massage in central London promising a tranquil relaxing visit. Learn more about this Thai Spa at nattawanthaispa.co.uk/about.html.

Enjoy the rewards of massage

If you have never tried a foot, face or full body massage, you might want to treat yourself. Massage therapy loosens tight muscles and makes you feel fresh and alive. All of the shops in the massage guide are centrally located in London, which makes it easy to grab a quick massage after work or get one early in the morning for a refreshing day.

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