Finding Masquerade masks in Dublin

Masquerade masks and Dublin just don't seem to mingle. We have checked all over the internet and it seems that you just can't get a good Masquerade mask in Dublin. We thought it would be a breeze but no dice, there are no specialist shops.

Don't worry though, luckily for you there are Irish Masquerade mask suppliers online that will post to Dublin no problems. The best of these websites has to be the 'Costume Shop' website. This has just about everything as far as costumes and fancy dress is concerned so you are sure to find something.

You can spend hours browsing around this website. There is so much on offer you can actually get lost while you browse. The best way to find what you are looking for is to use the 'search' box. Just type in Masquerade and you will find a huge list of all the available masks that the shop has to offer.

They have all different types of masks ranging in prices from €3.99 to around €20. They have some really great styles and types so be sure to check out the website and see if they have something to suit you.

Check out the Satarico Eye Mask. This is a classic 'long nose' Masquerade mask in all black. It has that really old skool look and it's only €12.99! This is the perfect Masquerade mask, really classic and mysterious.

You won't find Masquerade masks in Dublin but you will online. Check out the Costume Shop and see for yourself.

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